Whatever your marketing needs may be, MarketBandit has super cool tools to help you manage and organize your team, clients, projects, and more! GO ON, take a look at what this exciting new software can do for you.

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MarketBandit Frequently Asked Questions

MarketBandit Frequently Asked Questions

Does Using MarketBandit Guarantee any results for our clients?
Now that’s just silly. NO, but our tools are not only real cool, but will help you manage your projects so your clients get the attention they need in order to place well. Our Tools score a site based on Googles Webmaster Guidelines and practices we have found much success in our many years of producing exceptional results for many hundreds of projects.Website placement results have many factors. Our tools help you support every aspect of your clients project, team and general business communication.

What if I want to stop using MarketBandit?

Then Stop using it and rebuild the wheel. It’s ok, we have done our research and know there is not a more advanced option online today.

Is the information I add to MarketBandit mine or does it belong to MarketBandit?

Information added to MarketBandit is your property. However, unless a software license is purchased, the tools, CRM and MarketBandit System itself is the property of MarketBandit and or the owner of said API.

How do I get training in MarketBandit?

You ask….  We also offer both an open community for those who are PAID and we reach out to Agencies weekly and bi-weekly offering support.

Why do you say MarketBandit Is so cool?

Because it is….. Find another software like it “ IF YOU CAN”…..

Who is behind MarketBandit?

We are a team of SEO nerds in North Texas who kick booty at all things web and know what is needed to manage all aspects of clients projects. So, we bring you MarketBandit.

Will MarketBandit help my agency with its SEO / SEM / SMO?

Gladly! just give us a call “MarketBandit ONLY DOES SEO WORK FOR THE AGENCY”….. We do it all in house

Does MarketBandit Reporting include Google?
YES. MarketBandit has set up API’s to pull reporting from the best website tools in the world ” in our opinion and experience” ! HANDS DOWN THE BEST!!!

Do I have to download any software?
Not to use MarketBandit you don’t. It is 100% web-based. You can access your own MarketBandit from any computer, phone, TV or other cools toys that are connected to the internet.

How many people can I give access?
MarketBandit is designed to allow for unlimited agents and or clients.

What if I have contractors who need access?
Then create them a user profile in MarketBandit and off they go..

When was MarketBandit Born?

MarketBandit has been used in Beta since 2009, and has proven itself time and time again to be really cool.

How often is MarketBandit updated?

As we find new and cool things we want to add, or receive in feedback from our clients we either add them or not.. Really depends on how useful and cool they are.


How many leads can I get from MarketBandit?

As many as you can handle

10 Day Free Trial. Try It Out